So many people undertake similar journeys in their life and record their experiences through a “blog”. Our intention is to neither grandstand nor provide a vicarious outlet, but to use this chronicle as a record for Kathryn and Alexandra.  That disclaimer aside, you are welcome to come along for the adventure…

The Crew:

DSC 2184  Version 2


Alex, the youngest of the crew, is ten years old and in grade five. While she desperately misses her friends in Yellowknife and Ottawa, she is also the first to make new ones along the way.  Passionate about music (Taylor Swift) and drawing, she often escapes to her cabin to build forts, crank up the tunes and  draw in her sketch book. Her ready smile and easy going personality are especially welcome during the inevitable trials and tribulations of a trip like this.



Kathryn, age eleven, has embraced life at sea and is a quick study on all things nautical.  She has assumed command of our RIB and races about like an old Sea Dog.  Comfortable at the helm, on the radio, or spotting coral heads from the deck, she is an indispensable member of the crew.  As the only member of the family with any inclination to fish, we are counting on her to also take over the role of principal bread (fish) winner.







Robin and Ingrid Morrin

The Admiral and her marginally competent crew.  Robin retired from the RCAF in June 2013 and Ingrid  finished her tenure at the Government of the Northwest Territories after completing her MBA in finance in 2012.  Most recently posted to 440 Squadron in Yellowknife, 62.44N, we realized our long term dream of taking off with the girls to cruise the Caribbean, and our one year trip has gradually morphed into three. New adventures every day, dinner together under the stars, wonderful new friends at every anchorage, we really are “living the dream”.

36 thoughts on “Home

  1. Woww !! It’s an amazing journey. Thankyou for sharing ir. We will travel with you throuh your blog.
    Take care, we all send you our Love.
    Familia Maldonado

  2. All I read today was… “3 years…blah blah blah… Australia…blah blah blah…. ” HA HA! So pleased to see you guys are chasing the dreams that most of us are never courageous enough to even consider. JEALOUS! btw… HOLY SMOKES… Havent seen photos of Kathryn for ages…she is SUCH a mini you, Ing!

    I miss you guys like mad, and am so grateful that you will be online occasionally now – I look forward to every blog update!

    Please keep us posted as to where you are, and where you will be when- our catch up is SO long overdue I may even threaten to do something about it!!!

    Safe adventures!

    xo love kares…


    Finally on line. What took you so long? So happy to share. Look forward to reading about your amazing adventures.
    Much love,
    Natasha JP and CoCo xo

  4. Hi Family! It’s your Aussie mates, Dave and Barb, here in Fernie BC Canada!!!
    We LOVE your ‘family blog’ and will definitely follow your adventures on the high seas and on new lands… How exciting for you all! And what a perfect balance you’ve created for your family, filled with excitement, adventure and learning ~ forever life long experiences!!! And we agree with the Girls teacher in Yellowknife ~ ‘hands on’ will teach them everything bar maths!!!)….
    It’s the ‘Powder, Peddle, Paddle’ this morning with ‘Fernival’ this afternoon and ‘Slopesoaker’ tomorrow ~ ‘end of season’ festivities!!!
    We’ll keenly follow your adventures from our 5 month housesit on a Queensland beach and will think of you all every time we paddle out in the ocean in our outrigger! XX

  5. Amazing!! I am so happy for you all. Looking forward to hearing, reading, and seeing more adventures. Safe travels!
    Cheers AMF

  6. Brilliant!!

    We will track you obsessively and live vicariously through your odyssey under sail!

    Fair winds and following seas my friends…,

    Kristen et al.

  7. So happy to see you finally afloat! As we look out over the frozen lake on another -20* day in April in Yellowknife, we take great pleasure in seeing your smiling and relaxed faces enjoying your summer paradise. Fairwinds and following seas friends, looking forward to sharing some sunshine with you soon!

    The Wiebes

  8. May the wind always…Uhhh…red sky at night?….hmmm. Ok well you beauties all be well and have a wonderful adventure. We will all be thinking of you back home. Xoxo

  9. Linda & Richard Fort Lauderdale
    Enjoying reading about your adventures and very happy to learn that you a loving living your dream. Brings back many memoires of my own experiences in the Caribbean “living the dream”. All the best to you. Looking forward to reading about your adventures.

  10. So happy you are on your way. I’ m very excited for any news you have to share. Fair winds and calm seas.

  11. Soooo wonderful to hear from you! Glad you guys are enjoying your adventure, I will follow your blog! Live the dream baby!

  12. It is wonderful to get word from you. Lonsdale just isn’t the same. It is wonderful to see such happy smiles. Lots of hugs to you all Mr. MUGGS and his two legged family

  13. Hey where’d you pick up the guy with the beard ?? ! ! Great site- we’ll look forward to following the journey.- Pam & Bill O’Bryan

  14. From your pictures, it appears that all the hair care products you provisioned did not include a razor for Robin.

  15. Ingrid, isn’t it a little early in the trip to be picking up beach bums? That one looks pretty scruffy.

  16. looks like you guys are living the dream ! Congratulations on making it finally happen. I was so pleased when Gary Wiebe sent me the link to this blog. Charlene and I just returned from Hawaii, as we were out and about on our short adventure I couldn’t help but wonder how you were doing on yours. Safe travels…

  17. All the Thomson clan are so excited for all of you that you are finally on your way. What a wonderful, magical adventure you are embarking upon. The blog looks amazing … it will be great to follow along! Hugs and kisses to you all! xoxoxox

  18. Wow !It looks great and we all miss you guys soooooo much<3!! Hope you guys are having lots of fun (well that's not even a question because of obviously you are having fun). I really hope to Skype with you soon, it's been ages since we talked and got caught up…….
    The Bhargava family (typed by Maya)

  19. Hello Lovely Morrins,
    We are so glad to have been directed to your blog and to find you all looking sun-kissed and healthy.
    We have been thinking of you so often and missing you all. Really feeling far apart as Kathryn’s birthday went by and we thought of her growing into that beautiful young woman so far out of our sight.
    Your adventures never cease to be a source of pleasure and it is a delight to see your smiling faces once again.
    Love to all the crew,
    Wally and Lea

  20. Hi guys, so glad to have reconnected. Will definitely follow your journey. You are making all of us think our dreams can come thru with a bit of planning and a lot of courage. Enjoy, stay safe.

  21. Ahoy Morrins! Glad to see everyone flourishing in Grenada. We need an October update and more family pictures please. Bill and I are doing fine in North Carolina. Love to all and no more hiking without GPS!

  22. Outstanding Blog shipmates – what a fabulous legacy for your family to relive as the years slip by. We have followed your adventures and in particular we love the snippets of news about the junior crew and how they are maturing into capable and lovely young women. May the adventures continue

  23. awesome year end update. Keep enjoying that family time. looking forward to seeing all of you if not in the south, then in ottawa
    happy new year
    dwayne and jan

  24. Merci des ces nouvelles, c’est beau de vous voir, ça fait rêver. Vraiment heureuse d’avoir rencontré de si grandes âmes, bonne année 2015! André Patricia et les filles x

  25. Love hearing from you! This is an amazing journey and we can’t wait to reconnect with you on land sometime soon! All the best to you during this holiday season.

  26. Good day to the entire crew, your last post was quite the story, keeping us in suspense to the end. I am so glad to hear you came out of this ordeal safe and sound. You have all my admiration to pursue your adventure for so long despite all the daily challenges. Hope to hear more soon and see you upon your return.

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