Christmas 2013

After closing up the boat and putting all of our clothes back into temporary storage, we loaded up and drove north on Thanksgiving weekend.  As we arrived at the Pennsylvania border we were hit by a huge snow storm which sent you two into squeals of delight.  As I looked in the rear view mirror I noticed you were both in flip flops, Mommy was wearing sandals and I had on shorts and Birkenstocks.

When we left Yellowknife we had given away all of our winter clothes instead of storing them for three years and we didn’t have a pair of socks between us!  A quick trip to Target, desperate calls to friends and family in Kingston and we were all set.

Christmas was a nice break from the stress and frustration of the previous three months and a great chance to see friends and family.  I managed to pick up some work and Mommy continued your schooling.  We got the call that the boat would be ready on the 18th of January so we packed up and off we went.

IMG 5881
Daddy modelling his new facial hair (which he shaved for Mommy for Christmas)
IMG 5892
Mommy must have been hiding clothes somewhere!
IMG 5894
The obligatory family photo (sort of like water boarding…)

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