Stuart to Miami

The trip south consisted of stops in Lake Worth and Hollywood, FL which were reasonably uneventful.  We stumbled into the Loggerhead Marina in Hollywood which was in an exclusive gated community and we lounged at the spa, dined with friends at fancy restaurants and generally lived the life of the impostors we were.

IMG 2006

IMG 2067
The pool at Loggerhead Marina in Hollywood.

Leaving Hollywood en route to Miami was a tough 5 hour slog into 25kt winds right on the nose which was manageable but not comfortable.  We arrived at the Miami Yacht Club where we dropped anchor in a field of 100 other boats in various states of disrepair.  Some were sitting on the bottom with masts sticking out of the water and others had six inches of growth on their hulls.  We were moored very close to the cruise ship terminal which meant loud Caribbean music and foghorns in the night when they left harbour, but we used the facilities and showers which made up for the other stuff.  I must admit all the dilapidated boats were a little disconcerting and we quickly left for No Name Harbour on the south side of Key Biscayne which is a staging point for boats heading East.  On the weekend it is a rendezvous for Miami Cubans in their motor boats and the bay is flooded with Salsa music, but during the week it is quiet and protected.

Entering Government Cut in Miami. My first lesson on tides came when I was at max power and only getting 3kts!
Miami Harbour
IMG 00000251
Miami Yacht Club

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