Hurry up and wait…Bimini Island

“Hurry up and wait” has become our new mantra.  Weather has become both our saviour and our nemesis.  We are currently waiting for another weather window to move across the Bahamas Bank and then on to Nassau.  We will spend the night exposed on the Bank and consequently we need at least two good days of weather to make the crossing. Winds have been incredibly strong all week and are forecasted to be 40kts with thunderstorms; too strong to anchor out on the bank.

We are finding that many of the marinas are full with other cruisers trying to do the same thing and consequently we all review the weather constantly and look for the next “window”.  In the interim, we still have school and this is the first stop where we have met other boats with children.  You girls have been keeping yourselves busy feeding bull sharks, collecting conch shells, swimming at the beach, taking fishing lessons from other cruising kids, and racing around on golf carts.  Mommy and Daddy have been finding other ways to entertain ourselves…

DSC 1668
Rum tasting in Bimini Harbour at the Blue Water Bimini Marina.

DSC 1686
The voting became increasingly less critical as the evening went on…
DSC 1856
Fishing lessons on the dock. Notice the only one taking notes…
DSC 1770
We rented golf carts to see the rest of the island with fast friends, the Konescos.

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