Bimini to Nassau

The weather did not cooperate and we found ourselves waiting in Bimini as successive cold fronts moved through the area. Although a little frustrating, Dale Maedel, a colleague of mine in Yellowknife, put it into perspective when he said we were in paradise waiting for a weather window to move to another paradise, while he was in Resolute Bay with -34 and 1/2 mile visibility in blowing snow waiting for a weather window to…take off.

Eventually, the weather cleared and an armada of boats set out for Nassau via the Bahamas Bank, a 70nm leg in crystal blue, 14ft deep water.  We had a great sail and set anchor at the edge of the North West Channel, seemingly in the middle of nowhere.  The next morning we set out for Nassau and left the bank through a cut where the water rapidly dropped from 14ft to 3000ft.  Another gorgeous day with a 70nm sail to Nassau.

IMG 2284
Sunrise in Bimini — a perfect day to sail!
IMG 2287
The “Armada” leaving Bimini
IMG 2312
Sunset on the Bahama Banks
IMG 2319
Jack hiding in the tender

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