The crossing to Nassau was uneventful but we have been fighting the trade winds on the nose so unfortunately we motored most of the way.  We spent the night downtown right in front of Atlantis, Paradise Island, and the marina put us into a 25-foot slip (we are 24 feet wide) which gave us significant grief. Kathryn and Ingrid worked the lines and Alex was on roving bumper duty; the most critical position on the crew. We are starting to work as a team and it is most evident during arrival and departures.

IMG 2488

Our traveling companions, the Konesco’s  had arranged a week free at a brand new resort on the SE part of the island and we needed parts for the water maker which was leaking badly.  We spent three days together:  Alex became fast friends with Joellen, Kathryn enjoyed babysitting the Konesco’s youngest daughter, Mommy taught and did laundry while I wrestled with the water maker.

DSC 2184

We toured the island and did a little provisioning but were unsuccessful in fixing the water maker so I sent the part back to Spectra in the US for repair.  We did splurge and had dinner at the new restaurant on their opening night which was a real treat.  I found some clean clothes and mommy dug out a dress….nobody recognized us.  With clean laundry, a clean boat, and full water tanks we left New Providence and headed for the Exuma Islands.

DSC 2264

DSC 2294

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