Grade 5 and 6 School Photos

Ahh, the dreaded school photo.  We told you that you still had to commemorate your grade 5 and 6 school years with an “official” picture.  The only question was, which background should we use?  The blue background or….the blue background?

IMG 3252

IMG 3273

Daddy insisted that we make you hold those goofy poses….

IMG 3297

IMG 3303

IMG 3306

Grade 5/6 split class

The photo shoot included a cool down at lunchtime — also considered your PE class:

IMG 3328

IMG 3332

The photos my editor didn’t want you to see…


The best the school board could afford ….


8 thoughts on “Grade 5 and 6 School Photos

  1. Beautiful girls!! I can’t stand the usual school pictures and haven’t purchased them since I had all 3 done together…9 years ago but ones like yours I would definitely buy!!! (Also no high school graduation pictures of your godson, same reason..but promise to do University grad ones!!)
    What an amazing experience for everyone, I am thoroughly enjoying your adventures and very entertaining blog with my new laptop and of course my wine! Don’t know how you are managing…is there a very large wine cellar in each hull???

  2. Backdrop better than the usual school photos!! Will be funny to look at girls’ school photos over the years…

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