Birthdays abroad and aboard

On June 24th our baby turned 12 in Grenada!  Difficult to find decorations or candles here but we managed to make it special nevertheless.  Home-made cake “a la Alex” followed by beach volleyball and a movie…



Kathryn turns 12 aboard Rafiki




Betty Crocker at work

Betty Crocker at work






Even Jack joins in the celebration

Beach volleyball

Beach volleyball to round out the day

6 thoughts on “Birthdays abroad and aboard

  1. Happy birthday from Helene and Stephen who are following the spectacular Tour de France in Yorkshire England

  2. Wishing Kathryn a very belated 12 birthday! Quite a year for you. We miss you guys and hope somehow our paths will cross again in he next year. I was glad to see Jack in the above picture which tells me he hasn’t fallen overboard 🙂 Nor anyone else for that matter. All is well here and we are busy planning a vacation in Italy in September then to Mexico in November to visit friends. Somewhere in there we hope to cruise down to Stuart and leave the boat. We expect to be back in Stuart early January through end of March. ENJOY YOUR LIFE JOURNEY! With love and best wishes from Pam and Bill

  3. A birthday to remember! It looks like a wonderful way to have spent a milestone day! I especially love the picture of Kathryn and Alex with Kathryn’s everpresent pocket knife clipped to her belt yet still looking like such a lovely young lady! 🙂 Happy Birthday Kathryn!
    Love from the whole Wiebe gang!

  4. heyy Kathryn this is Maya!!
    I hope you had a great birthday !! Cause 12 is allot ! I might not be their yet but getting there ! I just wanted to say a happy happy birthday to a special girl. I miss you allot and the whole family . Hope you guys are having a great trip !!will be happy to hear from you

    from you traveller,

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