Alex’s thoughts…

Rafiki is a Leopard 42. There are three bedrooms and three washrooms. I have the front room and my parents and sister get the two back bedrooms. Fortunately I get the best room in the house and have the greatest breeze EVAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!


Our mobile home…Rafiki

I have done many things on my journey:

I swam in crystal clear waters…

Blue water in the Bahamas

I have jumped off waterfalls…

Oops where did the road go???

Oops where did the road go???

…and the boat

Jumping off Rafiki

I have meditated beneath towering waterfalls…


Meditating under a waterfall can be quite calming.

I have gone on strike…because my Mom made Kathryn and me label cans on SATURDAY and just as we thought we were done, she made us wash them too!!! So I went on strike.



I have volunteered at pet shelters…

I and have swum with turtles, and lots of other cool stuff.

The new friends I’ve met:

This journey has been exciting all the way through.  At first I thought that it would be just Kathryn and me playing together and that we wouldn’t meet many other kids. We did meet a great family in Bimini, but when we left them we didn’t meet any other kids until Grenada. Here we have met three families so far: the Olivers, the Dubois, and the Gille-Naves from France.  We met the Olivers first and played with their daughter Meghan as much as possible.

IMG 5069

Who can stay standing longest? These monsters pushed me off.

The Dubois family from Ottawa have two children, Tristan aged 12 and Maxim who is 14. They are a very sweet family and we enjoyed their company a lot.

Maxim and Kathryn hanging at the hash.

Maxim and Kathryn hanging at the hash

Maxim let us borrow her wake board so we tried it and Kathryn and I had a BLAST!! Although it was hard, I got up on the second try!


Terrorizing the other boaters on a wake board.

Daddy’s friend from university came for a visit and quickly became the newest kid in our family…. Michael King!

Michaels favorite outfit.

Michaels favorite outfit.

Home Schooling:

Sorting out Daddy's electrical issues...

Sorting out Daddy’s electrical issues…

My dad had to attach some cords in a very small compartment and was unsuccessful doing so.  He told me I was the only one in the family who could fit in the compartment, so I jumped in and attached the two cords easily, thus becoming the “small space specialist”.


Photo bombing my parents!

My family took a tour of the islands and we went to the nutmeg factory and learned how they make nutmeg:


The local nut!

A Hash is a local run/walk they do in the islands once a week. Its a different area each week and when you’re finished walking/running you can buy drinks or food. When we went, we ate a local meal called an “oil down” that is a mix of chicken, plantains and bread fruit.

Going to the Hash with Carole and Maxim Dubois

Going to the Hash with Carole and Maxim Dubois


Me and my Mom just limin’

Keeping Dad in line...

Keeping Dad in line…

Kathryn and I are closer than ever now because even though you meet other kids, they might not always be there, but I know my sister will be. We have done so many things together and I’m glad I have this chance to spend time with Kathryn.

Staying in touch isn’t always easy.  So when you think your internet is bad, remember that mine is almost always worse.

Not great for texting

Not great for texting


That’s us at the end of the rainbow…

Closing thought: When life gives you lemons…YOU THROW THE LEMONS IN LIFE’S FACE AND DEMAND CUPCAKES!!!

Because thats what you do when your livin’ your dream.

4 thoughts on “Alex’s thoughts…

  1. Merci buckets for the chuckles Madame la SSS!! ☺ (Small space specialist!)

    I’m so happy you’re enjoying your adventure Alex. When I think of you, I remember the quick outing on the Ottawa River when you were about 4 years old: You were sitting on Poussin’s lap and you asked him if he had a “peanut”….meaning, of course, the other “p” word!!! We laughed so much at your candour and, I see, you haven’t lost a bit of it!

    Looking forward to reading more!

    MC x♥x♥

  2. Hi Alex…Wonderful to see your pictures and to see how much fun you having! WOW! And learning a lot too. Love Elizabeth and Frank
    PS…Having lots of fun with the Ingimundsons this summer! We miss you!

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