Jack’s Opinions…

Hello small world, this is Captain Jack reporting for blog duty.

Life on the boat is interesting (one of the ways to say it) and I don’t like it per se but it’s not a complete disappointment.  I mean, I’m so adorable that I can almost get out of trouble 24-7.
As for the vet, I’m not intending on visiting her anytime soon. I can certainly tell you that it’s by far not my favourite destination even though I always get attention.

IMG 4284

Being adorable is a 24-7 job.  You think your job is hard, I have to play cute, nap, eat treats and sleep and then do it all over again.  Do you have any idea how hard my life is?  Unfortunately, the only tough cookie on this boat to crack is Robin A.K.A my “dad”.  The rest of the crew is simple.  I just have to put on my “cutie eyes” as everyone calls it.

IMG 4538

IMG 3773

My family has recently designed a very painful way to punish me. WATER!!!  Do you know that water is my pet-peeve so to speak and I live on a boat?  A BOAT!!!  I have only fallen in the water once but I blame it all on my supposedly good guardians.

Let me tell you the story; it was about 8:30 one night and I saw fish jumping out of the water and I got excited so I ran to the front of the boat hoping to follow them.  Once again, I was in my Freak-a-zoid mood.  I didn’t see the fish until that frightful moment when it jumped out of the water and was right beside the boat, so, I did what any normal cat would do…I chased it!  I got to the sugar scoop area and it was wet so I slipped and next thing I knew, SPLASH!  I was in the water faster than I could say “mouse”.  That is my story of that frightful night.  That is the reason I blame it on my owners.  Don’t you see now that it’s their fault I fell in the water… after all the sugar-scoop was wet?

I have been given many names in the past like Jack-attack or Jackie (my least favourite by far) but my most common/popular name is, and I assume will always be, Freak-a-zoid.  I rather like it and I think it suits me perfectly.

Like I said, I have to fulfill my job to all my loyal fans (currently only Alex, Kathryn, and Ingrid but I intend to soon capture more fans with my incredibly good looks).  I think I’m doing a pretty good job, for now…

IMG 3524

I am afraid to tell you this but I think that my family is cheating on me.  I keep smelling other animals on them so I tend to leave my smell on their bed.  I think they’re lucky I haven’t sprayed on them yet.  Now that I think of it, that would be a good way to tell the other animals to back off my territory…


Well, that’s all I have to share with you…you…you people.  Yes, that’s the word.  I seriously can’t believe people haven’t written a cat dictionary.  Honestly, I don’t know how you, my loyal fans who melt when you see me, do it.

IMG 3468

So long my admirers,
Captain Jack Sparrow Morrin

  Written and Edited by Kathryn Morrin

IMG 3271

3 thoughts on “Jack’s Opinions…

  1. Dear Jack Sparrow or Captain Jack or whatever you call yourself
    We are happy to read that you have taken over control of the good ship Lollipop and the Morrin motley crew have realized that you are essentially in charge. You have many cousins here in Kingston who are looking forward to your musings – or should that be mewings… about your experiences. Pleas pass along our love and ensure that you stroke each one for us

  2. Great to finally “meet” you Jack! You’re one special animal to say the least…I think your “people” should consider themselves lucky to have you on board! 😉

  3. It comes as no surprise that Robin is immune to Jacks cuteness and schmoozing as he himself spent the first 30 years of his life playing the same set of cards.

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