Kathryn’s Summer Adventure 2014

My summer in Grenada has been a life changing experience.  What made the summer unforgettable is the cruising kids that we have met in the anchorage. They are very special to me because they are accepting and funny and always up for an adventure.  Whether climbing Mount Qua Qua, building fires on the beach, trying to sink their sailing dingy by overloading, playing volleyball, or jumping off the dock, there is always lots to do.  I have recently made multiple friends all very close in age with me. Two of my newest best friends, Meghan Oliver and Maxim Dubois, are both on boats here and we have all been playing together.  Meghan has a funny and kind sense of humour and is my age while Maxim is fourteen years old and a bit more shy and a very lovely girl as soon as you get to know her.  I have also been playing with a girl named Emma Torkelson who is fourteen years old and we played volleyball every second day together.

Grenada itself has colourful houses, friendly people, great oil-downs but no horses. I love the Island other than the fact that the blazing heat sucks all my energy (and there is no air conditioning on the boat). We have access to a spectacular variety of vegetables and fruits that we wouldn’t find in Canada.  The rich vegetation is one of the reasons for all the different species of animal’s, fruits and veggies.  There is a breed of monkeys called Mona Monkeys and they are one of the “old world monkeys” although after three attempts we have to yet to actually see them.

The Island’s local dish is called an Oil Down which is a mixture of chicken, a vegetable called bread fruit (which is like potato), calllaloo, ochre, and finally a flour and water based kind of dumplings stewed with lots of local spices. There are also food tables on the side of the road selling chicken and grilled corn that tastes like popcorn. The cruisers tend to buy meat at the abattoir, which is an open air slaughter house, and the fish market.

During the summer I kept busy wake boarding (and towing every one else), tubing, knee boarding, volleyball, touring the island, hiking into waterfalls, and hanging out with friends. I would go to the beach with Meghan and Maxim where we would have water fights, bury each other in the sand or make sand angels, and swim. On rare occasions, we would have a sand-ball fight which would often end with someone getting a mouthful of sand because they were talking to much.  I accidentally did this to Alex however I got my turn when my older cousin came to visit and I can still recall the taste of sand..disgusting!

We have had lots of visitors this summer with both my uncles coming to Grenada.  Hugh Edmond, Alex and I swam almost every day and once, swam at 6:30 pm when it was dusk. The next day was the war of the sand.  We returned to the boat covered from head to toe in sand and we had to have a thorough wash down before Mommy would let us inside. The last day of their visit, Alex and I went to have a good-bye dinner at their hotel and had a great water fight in the pool and then an epic pillow fight to end the night properly. Having a pillow fight in a dress was not my brightest idea!

The next visit was our Crazy Uncle Peter and Auntie Donna. We sailed and dove on the sculptures and often played cards into the night (I think that Uncle Peter was the bum). To conclude their stay, we went to my cousin Austin’s white coat ceremony at St. Georges University to mark her induction into Vet School. The ceremony was fun other than the fact that I think I would fall asleep in a few of the professor’s classes if they were my teachers.

My hopes for next summer is to do this summer vacation all over again. This summer is one of those times where there is no need for improvement. This is a time when I just want to pause and live in the moment forever. My life is perfect. Next summer I hope to make new friends, explore and discover new islands as our adventure continues.

Kathryn Morrin

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