Bequia…who would have thought?

When we came down the island chain in the spring we were rushed, beaten up, fighting unserviceabilities and tired.  We hoped to see lots of locations that we would want to revisit on the way back North, but after we arrived in Grenada, there were not many spots that we were really excited about returning to. We had spent a forgettable night in Bequia on our trip south, so when weather conspired against us and we once again found ourselves tucking into this little harbour on the south side of St Vincent, we were anticipating a quick turn and continued to push North.  We awoke the following morning with winds pushing 25 to 30kts right on the nose for the next 65 nm and the weather was not scheduled to change for the next week so we settled in for the long haul. We quickly discovered that our friends from 4 Coconuts and Del Max were also anchored in the harbour and we spent the next seven days fixing the boat, hiking in the surrounding hills, visiting the turtle sanctuary, swimming and socializing.  The island is a wonderful, old-world community, with friendly and happy people.  There are no aggressive vendors, yelling taxi drivers, and incessant honking of horns.  There are some places that we have visited that have a certain vibe, either positive or negative, and while we can’t necessarily describe why we like (or don’t) a place, we just do.  Bequia is one of those places we like.

Fellow cruisers told us about a turtle sanctuary on the island.  A new batch of puppies distracted us….

We met Kerry the metal guy who fashioned an anchor guide out of stainless for me, Rudy the gentle taxi driver, and the local pastor at the Anglican Church who literally welcomed us with open arms.  In fact I don’t ever remember being hugged by so many strangers in my life.  Although Alex was torqued that the service was two hours long, I pointed out that amortized over the year she was still under her quota.

DSCN1486 One of the great advantages of the cruising lifestyle is that we meet some really interesting people along the way. Many of them volunteer to teach some unique subject and you have had craft classes, US History, Panamanian History and sewing classes.  Our friends the Elias’ from Del Max are Isreali and are on a two year trip before heading back home this spring.  Oren came by and spoke to a boatload of children about the history of Isreal and what it is like to live there today.  This was one of those cool moments that make your education so rich (and make up for Daddy’s Canadian History class…) The winds looks like they will abate tomorrow, however that would be Nov 25th, and Alex is not inclined to sail on her birthday.  We will have a party on the boat for a mess of children followed by tubing, wake boarding and games on the beach.

We have really enjoyed Bequia and continue our trip North with renewed enthusiasm for other hidden gems that we missed.

3 thoughts on “Bequia…who would have thought?

  1. Hey, glad to see you guys on the move again and enjoying Bequia, one of the nicest places in the Carib, Happy Birthday to Alex, mine was the 27th, and Robin, you are absolutely right about the amortizing!!! Cheers! Mark Florman

  2. You all look so full of vitality! Amazing pics! I’m so glad to hear that you’re back to health Ingrid…no silly mosquiqui will keep you down…well, for long!☺ Happy Belated Birthday sweet Alex!♥x♥

  3. We’re glad to see you enjoyed Bequia. It’s always been one of our favourite islands, but like you, it’s tough to point to be really specific why….we just like the ‘vibe’

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