One of the advantages of the “wake up and decide where we are going” philosophy of travel, is that we occasionally stumble onto some hidden gems. We had been trying to rendezvous in Barbuda for Christmas but the winds were not favorable and we decided to stay in Antigua for the holidays.  We still needed to be in St. Martin to meet Jecka on the 8th of January and our options were to either sail to Nevis or strike a little farther north and stop in Barbuda.  On a whim (and encouragement from our traveling friends) we decided on Barbuda.

It was a spirited sail North and we had to negotiate a spooky reef to get into the lee of the island but, once at anchor, we found ourselves in front of a powdery white sand beach, aqua blue water, and with only a few other boats anchored in the bay.  With a small village on the other side of the island, the only civilization in sight was a modest collection of villas at the end of the beach, noticeable only by the occasional dingy or wakeboarder.  Otherwise, it was the stuff of movie sets and postcard vistas.

We had originally intended to keep going the following morning, but after spending the afternoon lounging in our newfound paradise, we were loathe to leave…so we didn’t.  We spent New Year’s day playing football, frisbee (looking for the frisbee…) and swimming in the crystal clear blue water.  Mommy and I remarked that we would probably never spend another New Year’s Day like that again and it was with a certain melancholy that we watched the sun drop below the horizon marking the end of a spectacular day and year.

We never know what the following year (week…) will entail, however, 2014 has been pretty special and as we enter the New Year we do so with great anticipation for new adventures and new friendships as we continue on this epic journey.

2 thoughts on “Barbuda…….aaaaaah

  1. With fond memories of our brief visit in December we send you New year greetings and wishes for fair winds and calm anchorages. Helen and Stephen in KIngston

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