Homeschooling with power tools

We have spoken at length about the planning and routine of your homeschooling schedule.  Your mother has been diligent about a rigorous (crazy hard?) mathematics curriculum, and I have been more focused on the reading, writing and presentation side of things.  We both actively seek out learning opportunities in the environment around us, and try to exploit real-world events to further your skills and experience.  Today was one of those days.

Security is an ever-present concern on the boat and we have rigged several warning devices and alarms to alert us of intruders, however, the best deterrent is sound and light.  While in Home Depot yesterday I discovered battery powered (no drilling and running wires), LED motion lights for home use.  If they were designed for marine use they would have cost $290 not $29!  Now that I had these lights, I had to figure out a way to mount them on the boat, preferably without marking the fiberglass finish.  My solution was to fabricate a plate which I could then zip-tie to the davit post.  Cheap, easy and effective.  What a great project for you two and a whole lot more fun than geography, right?

The learning here was to identify a problem, develop a solution and then execute the plan.  In the process you learned how to use a drill, size the bit for the screw, use a screwdriver, use a Dremel tool, and take the project to completion.  The bonus is you will demonstrably enhance security and convenience on board and see the fruits of your labour every day.

When you return to life ashore you may not remember that the US Civil war was in 1877 or that the British defeated the Spanish in the War of 1812, but you will remember how to use a driver, drill, and sander.  Heaven help the boys who show up with soft hands.

3 thoughts on “Homeschooling with power tools

  1. I am looking for two young women who can handle a drill, secure zip ties and wield a sander. Please indicate your daily rate and what openings you might have. Big hugs from the amateurs in KIngston
    Stephen and Helene

  2. Ahem. The US Civil War was 1861-1865. I, too, could use a couple of good handypersons–my education was all books and no hands-on practical experiences. I love the new videos!

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