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8 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Awesome blog. After reading for half an hour I am ready to leave my job and come teach on the Rafiki. I can’t express how great I think this is for the whole family (yours, not ours!). If we cannot be there, at least we can brag that we know the Morrins who are sailing around the world. I am confused about one thing though — the beard shows up in some posts and disappears in others. I guess there is an epic struggle behind the scenes for control of Robin’s cheeks. I am looking forward to more posts…. Love, Michael and family

  2. Ahoy from the Flemings

    Congratulations on setting up your lovely blog. Well done. Madeleine loves the giraffe picture with K & A. And your kitty cat is adorable (easy there Cap’n Bob put the cleaver away) We are so excited for your trip and we aren’t even the ones on the boat. I must say, it brings back such warm memories of the summer/autumn that we lived on our boat. (You will remember mostly the good stuff). It’s the simplicity, intensity and the togetherness that we remember the most. You have certainly entered into a very special existence. We have something to send to you. Where so you suppose we should send it? Let us know when you have an idea. It has finally passed the 9 degree mark up here – positively balmy I’d say.


  3. Yay Morrins! You’re enjoying Paradise! The blog is great, kudos to the author, Best Regards to all of you, especially Jack! Mark and Emma

  4. Robin, I told you she was “an all round athlete” and by the pictures and the blog it appears I was right. I am so looking forward to reading about your adventures as they unfold at sea…this is the best education any child could dream of. Kathryn’s note is still on my fridge and removes all doubt from Gilles’ mind while daily reinforcing my confidence. Be well and cherish every moment…

  5. I read every paragraph, looked at every picture! Enjoyed your blog tremendously! I will keep following you and hope we run into each other on a island some day. I get good deals on flights now you know LOL!

  6. Ok I have read everything on the site: how the trip started, where you have been and the schooling and people met along the way. I am so jealous and proud of you as parents and a family! You all have something very special and maximizing your time and sources to this end can only be an adventure held close for the rest of your lives. You set quite a bar but instead of feeling envious, I will look forward to making the most of each day in our present situation, as you do. (By the way, April 15, we had snow today, minus 12 expected tonight in Peterborough, and school buses not running around Collingwood… Makes me think in Yellowknife, would they stop busses just for a little ice? )

    Enjoy times infinity!!!!!! Love Aud

  7. Robin … wishing you a very Happy Birthday this June 22nd! xoxox The Thomson clan

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