Your Grandfather once told me that before I marry someone I should take her camping for a week and hope that it rains. If at the end of the week I still want to marry her, she is probably a good prospect.  I took your mother sailing in a thunderstorm, skiing into the back bowls of Fernie, mountain climbing in the summer and cycling across the Loire Valley.  When we returned scraped and bruised, these injuries quickly became known as “adventure marks” and were displayed with pride.

When we were married Mommy inscribed “A lifetime of adventure” on the inside of our wedding rings and that is how we have tried to live our lives for the past thirteen spectacular years.  As you know, I grew up sailing and Opa was a sea Captain, so this trip is a logical culmination of many years on the water.

Shortly after we were married, Allen and Linda Dobie had just returned from a year on their boat and we went to welcome them home.  After listening to their stories Mommy said, “Do you think that someday we could do something like that?”  It took my best poker face to respond that if that was something she really wanted to do, we could work towards that end…

Our careers and your age dictated the timing of our escape and the stars aligned for a 2013 departure from Canada. Initially we had talked about a one year trip with an option for two however, after three years in Yellowknife we made the break one year earlier than planned and the trip became two with an option for three.

As you will one day learn, the time parents have with their children is frustratingly short.  At eleven and ten, I am ever conscious that your time with us is very limited and your mother and I intend to steal every last second that we can.  We hope one day you will look back and view this adventure as a pivotal time in your lives.


Kathryn and Alex sailing on Granddaddy and Grandmommy’s boat in Kingston.

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