Alex’s 2014 Summer Report

We have been in Grenada for 3 months now and we are in a bay called St. Georges. The water here is beautiful, it’s as clear as it was in the Bahamas. We love the island and have enjoyed our time here so far. We plan on staying in Grenada until November.

IMG_5120The tour of the island is very interesting. Cuttie, the taxi driver we took for our first tour, showed us many places. First, we went to the nutmeg factory, they would take the shell off and then the mace off and separate the mace for spices and then use the nut for jam and other products. After that we went to the chocolate factory and saw how they make the chocolate, we even tried the 100% chocolate which might taste disgusting but is actually good for your blood pressure. We also went to the rivers rum factory, which left Kathryn, and I disgusted. Though it was cool to see how they made it.

Last on the tour the Annandale waterfall that, though beautiful, was not my favourite of all the waterfalls on the island of Grenada. My favourite waterfall is the second out of the three concord waterfalls. We have been two times and love it more each time. The waterfall towers over a small freshwater pond underneath it. Kathryn and my dad go under it and try and climb it, only getting 2 feet high.

The people in Grenada are the friendliest people I’ve met on our trip so far. They treat you kindly and are respectful. The taxi driver we use, Philip, is the nicest person I know on the island and gives us good deals.

The vegetation here is great. My favorite food on the island is called breadfruit. Which is actually a vegetable. Islanders include breadfruit in the national dish called oil down. Oil down is a mix of local foods, for example, breadfruit, chicken, plantains and a local dumpling made with water and flour.

It is summer all year round except for when it’s rainy or hurricane season. People often stay in Grenada for hurricane season for a couple months.

We have met many cruisers here in Grenada and even made some new best friends. Kathryn and I play with Meghan Oliver on Amelie IV most of our time or we play with Maxim and Tristan Dubois from La Jennoise. We will go to the beach with all of them to practice volleyball sometimes or go to our boat to just hang out.

Every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday we will go to Secret Harbor to play volleyball. Kathryn and I are getting very good at volleyball now that we have been practicing a lot. When we met Maxim she offered to take us wakeboarding, we had never tried before so we said yes. When we went I got up on my 3rd try and ever since that day, I try to wake board as much as possible. Sadly we don’t own a wakeboard ourselves but our friends on discovery lent us their wakeboard AND a kneeboard. We also do a weekly hash in the island. A hash is where people set up a 2 and a half hike hour through different parts of Grenada.

Before summer started we had the Wiebes come and we sailed two trips and one overnight sail. We had lots of fun with them though Mathew got sunburn so he might not have had too much fun as the rest of us. Over the summer we have had many, many, many guests. First was Michael King who was the biggest kid I have ever met. He was fun and out going while he was on the boat. When he went to check the anchor he saw a lionfish. When you see a lionfish you have to either kill it or call a professional. We called maxim and asked if she wanted to come to catch a lionfish with us. Michael may not have caught the lionfish but he made it fun trying. Then came along the two Hugh Morrins. Hugh-Edmond tried to get up on the wakeboard and successfully got up on his 6th try. We jumped off the roof of the boat at night time. When Hugh and Hugh-Edmond left, they left with a story to tell their friends and family. We had lots of fun with them while they were here. Then we had Uncle Peter and Auntie Donna come to visit Grenada to see Austin and to see us. We went to Austin’s white coat ceremony with them and at the end, I got to wear the White coat! We had lots of fun with them and were sad to say goodbye.

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