Kathryn’s thoughts…

When I started the school year I didn’t know what to expect.  I was, and still am, afraid that I will be behind in school when I return.

This year has been a life changing experience for me.  I love school (but I tend not to always cooperate the best) and I could not have asked for a better set of teachers.  The responsibility of the classes are split up between my parents. My favourite classes are probably math and science but, yet again, I can never be sure because I love almost all my classes.

My favourite test was my final science test (wow! Never thought I would say those words) because I found that I was flying through the questions as the answers were all around me in the atmosphere.

My parents have given Alex and me other extra activities like Phys Ed. and music appreciation.  We were also given a few debates and my favourite one was when I was debating Alex over Capitalism and Socialism.  After the debates we usually caught up on geography and talked about current world events like the Crimea and Syria.


The summer now is just an excuse for no school and to relax, eat and play.  For me it’s a treat to sleep in till 9:30 AM and read a good novel that is NOT a classic.  I am lucky because I have made friends down here in Grenada so I have someone to enjoy and make memories with.

I just started volunteering at the local SPCA shelter and look forward to spending my summer afternoons walking puppies and holding and playing with kittens.


New puppies!!!


Volunteering at the SPCA with Meghan and my family

So far I’ve volunteered twice with friends: one is a girl named Maxim who is fourteen and comes from Ottawa and the other is a girl named Meghan who I have become close to during my time here. Meghan is twelve and comes from Calgary and is currently on the boat behind us.

DSC 0717

Maxim and me

IMG 5060

Meghan and me

I have been going to volleyball three times a week and have met lots of new people.  We usually play six on six depending on how many people there are. Last week Dad and I played three on three which harder but still lots of fun.  Dad said I kicked butt.

IMG 4598

IMG 4863

Allendale Falls, Grenada

My time in Grenada has been lots of fun and it has included an island tour, watching a leatherback turtle lay eggs, learning to wakeboard, volleyball, swimming on a daily basis and more.  I don’t think there could be a better way to spend summer break even though the heat is a bit intense.

On this trip, Alex has been my main, and sometimes only friend. I know at times I don’t appreciate having a sibling but I am sure glad she is here.  I have recently recorded a video of Alex busting a few moves in our living room and our cat running away from her racket.  Need to figure out how to post it…..


My crazy sister

Until next time,


4 thoughts on “Kathryn’s thoughts…

  1. Dear Kathryn
    Helene and I loved your post and we can easily imagine all of the exploits you and Alex have been up to on your real-life-adventure. Please keep writing and allowing us to travel vicariously with you
    Love to the family
    Stephen and Helene in Kingston

    PS: We just followed the Tour de France cycle race which visited Yorkshire in the UK for the first time. We were there visiting Stephen’s 92 year old mom, who by the way knows your dad. The highlight of the trip was Stephen’s visit to the Morgan Car factory where he toured the plant and discovered what he was doing wrong with his own car build.

  2. Howdy Kathryn!

    This is one awesome post and thank you for sharing! We have friends who just came back from a 1-yr trip around the world (by plane and automobile) and their 10-yr old boy found it hard to make new friends every time they changed locations. I can see how you’ve come to appreciate the company of Miss Piggy…ooops..Miss Alex!☺ I look forward to reading more about your amazing adventure, please, keep ’em coming!

    Hugs to you and the rest of the crazy crew!
    Les Poussins ♥x♥

  3. Kathryn,

    What an amazing experience you and Alex are having! I am amazed at how you have joined your community wherever you are – volleyball….SPCA volunteer plus doing all your homework…science and math!

    Josefina has enjoyed pony camp and Ben his tennis camp! Tomas and I are watching our bean stalk grow. He loved reading “Jack and the Bean Stalk” last spring. So I thought he would be excited when I brought him some beans to plant. “Not at my house!” he said….”The monster will climb down and get me!” He has been relieved to see that they are only a few meters high! Ella is enjoying life with her ready smile! Lorena is busy and Brad too.

    We have had a busy summer…I am working in Rome two weeks a month so I missed good weather and lots of fun in Manor Park. Lots going on here – new houses, lots of renovations and 12 houses for sale! So you’ll have lots of choice when you come back.

    Have fun!

    Love Frank and Elizabeth

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